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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to use

Nothing, it is free.

Will I pay any additional fee when buying a flight found through
Definitely no, is just a comparison site. Every flight that finds has a direct link to the web page where you can buy the ticket at the same price as if you had directly searched it there.In addition in some cases you will even find prices in which are cheaper than those you can get by going directly to a website. This happens because some sites apply special discounts to users because they know they are being compared and they prefer to reduce their prices to sell more.

In how many travel sites does search?
We are constantly adding new travel web sites. Currently, we do search on airlines, low cost companies and in the main online travel agencies of each country.

Why does not search on that particular web site? should always find all the flights with the cheapest price. When comparing take into account that considers all the fees and our prices are always final. If you have found a flight which is not shown in or has a cheaper price in another web please contact with us and we will add it to

How does work?
Each time that you do a search, engine starts making online connections to each one of the supported websites looking for flights according to your search criteria. Search is made like you would do it using a browser, and this is why results are the same that you would get by directly going one by one to all the webs. The difference is that, with, you only have to search once to find all the available flights. does not find a flight that I have found in another web, what can I do?
Please, contact with us and we will investigate it.

Is it possible to search in from a mobile phone?
At the moment there is no custom version for mobile phones, but you can use without problems the search engine from any phone with a full browser (like the iPhone, Android or BlackBerry).

If you have any question, doubt or suggestion about, please contact with us.