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Cheap Flights to Mumbai City

About Mumbai

Mumbai, the capital of Maharashtra, wears several crowns. Besides being India’s commercial capital, it is also the busiest port, industrial powerhouse, fashion capital and the biggest textiles market around the world. The list is endless. The city is also tagged as the “city of dreams” or “city that never sleeps”.

Flights to Mumbai

Sahara International Airport is Mumbai’s international terminus. It connects the city to several national and international destinations through operational flights run by international airlines to Mumbai.


There are numerous places to stay in Mumbai. You can book an accommodation according to your requirements and budget. Besides the 5-star deluxe hotels in South Mumbai, you can also book a stay in deluxe hotels in suburbs. Other options include deluxe airport hotels, located near Chhatarpati Shivaji International Airport. Adding further, budget travelers can also go for standard hotels and motels in Mumbai that offer a comfortable stay with basic amenities.

Activities and Sightseeing

Mumbai offers a wide range of activities and places to see. Besides the various museums, you can also head to the Elephanta Island. It is a delight to see the city’s enduring association with the British through the buildings constructed in the Indo-Saracen style.

The Mumbai market is an all time favorite for shoppers with any taste and budget. You can get wide range of ready-made garments and textiles, as well as export surplus apparel (available at throwaway prices).

 Do not miss an evening at the beach!

The city is a delight for foodies and offers a retreat for street food lovers.


Travel Tip

Mumbai is a place with moderate and humid temperature. Carry some light cotton clothes for summer. However, a light jacket or sweater would suffice the winter season. Monsoons are quite heavy and might require some good rain shoes. Don’t forget your favorite rainwear. Enjoy!