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Cheap Flights to Kolkata City

About Kolkata

Known as the cultural capital of India, Kolkata city is the nerve centre of trade and industry in eastern India and also the most important city in around the area. The irresistible charisma of the city makes it a charming place to visit.

Flights to Kolkata

Kolkata possesses an international airport of its own that connects the city to the USA, Europe and the Orient through regular flights. Besides, a domestic airport also connects the city to the major cities around the country.


Kolkata offers several options for accommodation in Kolkata. In addition to high-end hotels around the city, that offer all luxuries and a highly comfortable stay, you can also book an accommodation with deluxe hotels or motels in Kolkata. Backpackers can avail cheap accommodation to suit their budget and requirements.

Activities and Sightseeing

Kolkata offers a lot to do and see around the city. It is a retreat to enjoy the wonderful sights of architectural wonders, historical landmarks, Botanical gardens, and an enjoyable boat ride on Outram Ghat or a relaxed stroll by the riverside.

The city is an ideal destination for those interested in a cultural holiday. There is a lot more for music lovers and those interested in theatrical events. Another not to be missed places include beach resorts near the city.

Don’t miss out on food delicacies like jhal muri, puchka, and sandesh.

The local markets offer wide range of exclusive Bengali saris and almost anything from around the region.

Furthermore, the city offers quite a good range of outdoor activities to assure an interesting vacation for you.


Travel Tip

Besides light cotton clothes for summers, make sure to carry lots of mineral salts to avoid dehydration. In winters, warm clothes would suffice. However, don’t forget to carry along a mosquito repellant if tavelling during monsoon or rainy season.