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Cheap Flights to Gwalior City

About Gwalior

Situated on the northernmost fringe of MP, Gwalior is the perfect place to begin your trip to Madhya Pradesh. The city possesses a strong cultural heritage with some of the finest Indian Classical musicians claiming it as home. The city has lived through Indian history, page by page.

Flights to Gwalior

There are operational flights running to and from Gwalior. The city is well connected to major cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Bhopal, and Indore through domestic flights to Gwalior.

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Gwalior offers fairly wide options of accommodation. You can choose from high end luxurious hotels with bars, coffee shops, and swimming pools. Besides, you can also book a stay in standard and budget hotels. Gwalior also features some heritage hotels, converted from former palaces of the royal family, and modestly priced and comfortable MPTDC run hotels and guesthouses.

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Activities and Sightseeing

Sightseeing in Gwalior is a retreat for history lovers. The city has been a seat of power for many great dynasties through ages. The forts and palaces are really enthralling. From the great plethora of Gwalior sightseeing, the key attractions include:

  • Amazing museums
  • The Gwalior Fort
  • Historic temples

Besides this historical retreat, shopping in Gwalior is another fun activity. Explore the beautiful local markets to buy some dolls, wall hangings, lacquer ware and ornaments, handmade carpets, hand-woven saris, and dokra statuettes.


Travel Tip

If travelling in winter, pack adequate supply of woolens as the temperature can reach the bottom of the barometer. Sweaters and jackets are ideal wear. For summers, however, light and cool airy cottons would suffice the heat and humidity. Don’t forget your shades and hats to beat the strong and bright sun.