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Cheap Flights to Gaya City

About Gaya

Gaya is one of the major pilgrimage cities around India. This city in Bihar is visited by Buddhists and Hindus for performing rituals like Pind Dan (funeral offerings for the benefit of the deceased soul). This picturesque city is surrounded by temple-crowned hills. It is considered as a place of high sanctity and an important pilgrimage destination.

Flights to Gaya

Gaya is well connected through air. The nearest airport is situated in Bodhgaya that serves for international flights for Buddhist countries like Myanmar, Thailand, and Japan.


Accommodation in Gaya is never a problem. The station road contains numerous budget hotels in Gaya. Besides, you can also find good mid-range hotels in Gaya as well as luxury hotels around Gaya.

Activities and Sightseeing

Sightseeing tour in Gaya is quite interesting. The city is home to wide range of temples to visit. The key attractions are:

  • Pretshila hillock to have a view of the plains
  • Brahmayoni hillock
  • Mangla Gauri Temple, situated on top of the mountain, it is considered as one of the most holy Shakti piths of India.
  • Vishnupad Temple, built in 18th century, contains the foot print of lord Vishnu. There are many beliefs associated with this temple.

The best shopping place in Gaya is the GB road, also considered as the main shopping centre of the city. Besides famous shopping stores like Kalamandir and Swadeshi Vastralaya, there are also few showrooms of famous brands.


Travel Tip

One needs to be really careful about clothing when travelling to Gaya for it being one of the holiest cities around the country. If travelling in winter, carry a thick jacket to deal the chilly nights. For summers, take along light cottons, sunglasses, and an effective sunscreen lotion.