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Cheap Flights to Bhuj City

About Bhuj

Situated in the city of Gujarat, Bhuj is the second largest district in India. Primarily an industrial town, the district is also renowned for beautiful Hindu temples and palaces. Filled with rustic charms, the little exteriors and interiors of the houses in the district are embellished with mud and mirrors to enhance the town’s beauty.

Flights to Bhuj

Bhuj has a domestic airport that caters to daily operational flights to Mumbai. However, the district is well connected to cities like Mumbai, Ahmadabad, and other major cities by trains.


Bhuj is a district that offers wide range of accommodation. However, it can be a problem to find luxury hotels around the district while you will find plenty of budget accommodations in Bhuj.

Activities and Sightseeing

There is not much on the list of to-do activities in Bhuj. The sightseeing tour in Bhuj has a lot to offer for the visitors. You can visit the Kutch Museum, initially referred as the Fergusson Museum named after Sir James Fergusson. This is one of the oldest museums in Gujarat.

Shopping in Bhuj is a real treat for shopper sprees. For those interested in collection of conventional handmade stuff, Bhuj is the perfect place to check out. The local markets are loaded with handicrafts with enamel work done on silver and gold jewelry, lacquered wood, seashell toys, and metal bells. Specially designed Bhuj embroideries are renowned specialty of the district. 

Besides, there are nearby places to check out. Travelers can pay homage at the religious Dwarka city.


Travel Tip

If travelling during the winter season, make sure to pack some woolens for temperatures drop during the night and get chilly. However, light cottons and sunscreens would suffice the summer season.